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Ultrasonic systems

Ultrasonic systems

Years of trouble-free service in even the harshest of industrial environments

Standard ultrasonic cleaners at a glance

  • Robust, powerful generators and transducers with a reputation for outstanding performance and durability
  • Choice of frequency modes and a wide selection of cavitation intensities
  • Years of trouble-free service in even the harshest of industrial environments
  • Construction utilises the latest steel fabrication laser cutting and advanced double welding techniques
  • All chambers fabricated in AISA 361
  • Bar transducer technology both mechanically fixed and epoxy bonded for more efficient transfer of ultrasound to the cleaning liquid than is possible with cone transducers
  • All internal pipework and filtration fully stainless steel

Product range

  • Benchtop units
  • Industrial tanks
  • Multi-stage systems
  • Submersible transducers
  • Bespoke installations
  • Aqueous cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions

Modern ultrasonic cleaning solutions are formulated from a variety of detergents, wetting solutions and surface active agents (surfactants). Correct choice is crucial for optimum cleaning performance and to ensure compatibility with the substrate material. A crucial part of our service is that we work closely with client and advise them on the best cleaning solutions for their particular requirements.

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