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Ultrasonic cleaning


Well known as the perfect solution for precision cleaning, ultrasonic technology has taken a step forward with the UltraClean range from Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems Ltd.

Our ultrasonic technologies deliver high precision cleaning across a broad spectrum of industries. Applications include cleaning printed circuit boards, silicon wafers, military and industrial optics, print rollers and stencils. The technology is suitable for a very wide range of substrate materials including plastic, metals, glass and ceramics.

Standard and bespoke systems are available in both single and multi chamber configurations.


Ultrasonic technology is adopted to remove surface contamination from a wide range of hard surface substrates. Applications include:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Silicon chips/wafers
  • Surgical instruments
  • Aircraft components
  • Orthopaedic implants
  • Engine parts such as pistons, valves, cylinder heads and engine blocks
  • Ceramic items including electrical/electronic components

If it needs cleaning, we’ll provide you with an ultrasonic solution that exactly right for your precise individual needs.

How ultrasonic cleaning works

The process begins with liquid de-gassing where air within the cleaning medium is expelled. Ultrasonic cleaning involves a process known as cavitation which is the rapid formation and collapse of millions of micro bubbles (or cavities) within a liquid. Cavitation is produced by the alternating high and low pressure waves generated by high frequency ultrasound. During the low pressure phase, these bubbles grow from microscopic size until they reach the high pressure phase, when they are compressed and implode.

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