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Modified Alcohol Systems


Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division hermetically sealed solvent systems demonstrate extremely low solvent consumption levels. Such low consumption is achieved by efficient vacuum drying and effective separation of solvent and contaminants by fractional distillation.

Depending upon the levels of contamination introduced into the system the waste stream may contain very low levels of solvent. The option of additional by-pass distillation remains available to further concentrate the contaminants. In fact a small amount of solvent in the waste stream is beneficial in order to maintain fluidity and avoid the build up of a viscous sludge. The object is to maintain a closed loop operation where the operator has no contact with the solvent or waste stream.


With Aerospace approval and classified as an “Irritant” rather than “Hazardous”, RG63 is rapidly becoming very popular in the field of solvent cleaning and degreasing. These products are chemically very stable and offer low toxicity with an excellent environmental profile.

RG63 modified alcohols demonstrate well-balanced properties between polar and non-polar components.

The polarity of modified alcohols also means that certain stabilisers are particularly effective against acidification of the solvent and therefore protection against corrosion potential.

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