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Solvent types

Geiss UK solvents available for surface cleaning

A range of optimally stabilised solvents for extended performance in removing particles, oils and greases with exceptional efficiency including perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons and modified alcohols.

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Solvent test kits and stabilisers

Supplied within the Geiss TLB Secure-Tainer system that utilises a plastic drum downpipe with a concertina termination at the base of the drum, that allows some 5% extra solvent to be recovered from the container

Need help choosing the right solvent?

Read more about Solvent Selection in our Degreasing at a Glance guide or contact our team at Geiss UK


Component cleaning with perchloroethylene is well known in industrial degreasing processes and is characterised by a very high Kauri Butanol value (solvency) providing excellent results in a format which is both robust and consistent. Perchloroethylene has no flash point, is volatile giving quick drying and easy to control within a vacuum based system.

Geiss perchloroethylene is available in both normal and highly stabilised formulations to meet a wide range of industrial cleaning and degreasing processes.

Read more about perchloroethylene systems

Modified alcohols

Modified alcohols such as Geiss RG63 are the fastest growing solvent species utilised in industrial metal cleaning and degreasing. They also display extremely high solvency and are consistently able to deliver high levels of surface cleanliness. Modified alcohols have much lower classifications of toxicity which make them a very attractive and practical alternative to traditional chlorinated solvents.

Modified alcohols are also used in hermetically sealed units in vacuum processes and display excellent material compatibility, including plastics and delicate medical and electronics applications

Read more about Modified alcohol systems


Hydrocarbons, or non-halogenated solvents, for parts cleaning combine low operating costs with low environmental impact making them somewhat suitable alternatives for some chlorinated solvent-based industrial cleaning systems.

Hydrocarbons can be used in hermetically sealed vacuum systems and are particularly suited to removing contamination based upon hydrocarbon chemistry – such as in wax removal.

Some considerations to discuss with hydrocarbon solvents include extra protection measures that must be made against high temperatures. Some hydrocarbons are flammable/combustible, however if being used at temperatures well below the flash point extra protection measures may not be necessary.

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