The critical choice of solvent and consequently the corresponding cleaning system depends upon the solvent’s compatibility with the contaminants to be removed.

The importance of correct solvent choice cannot be over emphasised. In order to guarantee correct selection Firbimatic Spa offers trial cleaning at its premises in Bologna, Italy. However, this forms only part of the picture.

In order to establish long term suitability and compatibility, Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems will call on the services of its sister company Geiss UK Ltd for solvent /contaminant compatibility tests which are carried out at the analytical laboratory of Richard Geiss GmbH in Germany. Furthermore, long term results and performance can be evaluated by “cooking tests.” This service is now unique within the industrial cleaning and degreasing industries.

All systems from the Firbimatic range operate entirely under vacuum. This ensures major advantages for the operator:

  • Massively reduced solvent losses /consumption.
  • Lower operating temperatures which reduce solvent “stress”, maintain solvent stability and improve recovery in the drying phase.
  • Reduced energy consumption.