Solvent degreasing

Hermetically sealed solvent degreasing technologies for exceptional performance under vacuum

The closed-circuit industrial cleaning process with modified alcohol, AIII hydrocarbon or perchloroethylene represents the ideal technology for applications where the aim is to achieve the highest cleaning results at the lowest possible running costs with consistency being the key objective.

Firbimatic solvent systems are available in standard and bespoke designs.

Before suggesting a solution, we thoroughly analyse the requirements and specific expectations of each individual application. Although organic and inorganic contaminants display different characteristics, our experience shows that even the most difficult can be successfully removed during treatment which may involve a sequence of spray, immersion and vapour stages. By drying under vacuum in a sealed environment all residual solvent is recovered making consumption practically nil.

Firbimatic solvent systems are especially effective for geometrically challenging parts which may demonstrate features such as blind or through holes, fine threads and internal complexities.

Solid contaminants including dust, swarf and inorganic salts are removed efficiently by mechanical washing action including basket oscillation/rotation and kinetic energy afforded by spray and /or ultrasonic energy supported by correctly specified mechanical filtration.

Excellent cleaning results are also repeated with non-metallic materials, especially synthetic plastics for aeronautical, medical and precision machining applications as well as electronic assemblies.