Geiss solvents

As solvent suppliers to manufacturing industry we provide approved highly stabilised perchloroethylene, AIII hydrocarbons and modified alcohols in closed loop transfer systems.

Clear advice supported by full laboratory facilities.

Top quality highly stabilised degreasing solvents – including solvents with aerospace approval.

Next day delivery.

Extremely competitive pricing structure.

Supplied in the Geiss TLB Secure-Tainer system.

The Geiss TLB Secure-Tainer system utilises a plastic drum downpipe with a concertina termination at the base of the drum which allows the drum to be emptied. This means that some 5% extra is usable with our format.

Be sure of expert advice – a totally transparent supply chain with full laboratory support and a certificated waste stream removal facility which includes environmental paperwork and charges.

We also provide:
  • Free of charge on site training, operator competence certification and annual review provided at no cost to the client
  • Solvent test kits and stabilisers
  • Rapid turnaround on laboratory services for solvent/contaminant testing
  • Advice service re compliance for perchloroethylene, AIII hydrocarbons and modified alcohols
  • Service/Support/Responsibility/Sustainability