Metal degreaser standard and bespoke solutions

Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems is an independent UK distributor with vast technical experience of industrial cleaning and degreasing technologies. Our expertise is supported by world-class products and services.

  • Firbimatic Spa solvent and aqueous cleaning and degreasing technologies. Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems is the exclusive UK distributor of this outstanding range.
  • Geiss UK is the UK distributor for the Richard Geiss GmbH range of chlorinated and non-chlorinated degreasing solvents.
  • Standard Ultrasonic cleaning systems. Standard and bespoke systems for a wide range of applications.
  • Technical consultancy. Professional advice on cleaning and degreasing technologies, metal degreasing solvents and chemicals choice and legislation.
  • UK based support and maintenance service for all manufacturers of degreasing systems.

Ensuring long-term compliance and success

With the reclassification of some commonly used organic degreasing solvents and the implementation of emissions restrictions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) generally under The Solvent Emissions (England & Wales) Regulations 2004 and EuroNorm EN12921/4, manufacturers have been faced with a series of difficult questions concerning the way forward.

We provide completely impartial advice to help you pick your way through the various regulations and technologies and ensure that you get the best possible solution to your particular needs.

Options available

The key to ongoing success is repeatable and consistent cleanliness within a fully closed loop process.

We offer both standard and bespoke solutions including aqueous processes in single step formats, multi-step batch and in-line installations plus fully hermetically sealed solvent based systems complete with vacuum drying. Our range of organic solvent systems includes technologies for the utilisation of perchloroethylene, AIII hydrocarbons and modified alcohol.

Cleaning formats

Solvent cleaning formats include spray, immersion, ultrasonic and vapour degreasing all within a zero emission, hermetically sealed environment. Automated metal degreasing process is also available for in line production with various material handling options. With Firbimatic hermetically-sealed technologies, a 98% reduction in solvent consumption is typical, significantly surpassing the capabilities of old technology fully enclosed or double lidded cleaning systems.

We also offer cleaning and degreasing metal and surface finishing with consistently high levels of surface cleanliness as well as processes for other materials including plastics and PCB cleaning.

Our extensive range of technologies includes systems and processes for very large scale solvent cleaning requirements including tube cleaning and heavy maintenance applications utilising single and multi-stage aqueous installations.